Serpentine: Ayne Terceira from Uncumber Theatrics' Newest Immersive and Alternative Reality Game

Episode 100 · May 18th, 2016 · 41 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

"Serpentine is a film-noir style Alternate Reality Game that examines a true Pittsburgh cold case. Be prepared to travel to different Pittsburgh locales in search of clues, meet up with different characters, collaborate with fellow participants, and influence an unfolding month-long story whose conclusion will be based on your discoveries." 

Scott and Dudders sit down with Basement OG actor and Uncumber Theatrics founder, Ayne Terceira.

Ayne has been a part of ScareHouse family for four years, beginning with ScareHouse Secrets. She initially exposed us to immersive theater beginning with her role in Strata at Bricolage. She takes us back to her start in immersive theater at Carnegie Mellon University's premier improv group, "No Parking Players", part of Scotch 'n' Soda Theater. 

Ayne explains the appeal of immersive theater, and it's similarity to RPGs (role playing games). She stresses the importance of creating your own parts and roles and how she uses that idea to cast for Uncumber Theatrics. We learn about the lengths she goes to in order to demonstrate her commitment to the creative process in shows such as Her Things. She explains what it's like marketing immersive theater as an artist with little to no money and the importance of creating and building relationships within your community and word of mouth marketing.

Tune in to the 22:15 mark if you have any concerns or anxiety about diving into Serpentine. Don't be afraid to take the risk and just see what happens. Even if you're a total introvert and don't want to leave the house after the initial appointment, there are still ways to work with others to solve the mystery. If you just want to interact with unusual characters, participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt, or fall down true Google rabbit holes, they have you covered. 

Scott and Ayne dive into the show Lost, and what drove them crazy about the show. 

Serpentine wants you to ask the interesting question. Enter the story early or late, either way you'll enjoy your experience. The story begins May 19th. Purchase tickets to Serpentine here

Learn more about Uncumber Theatrics here

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