Bricolage Production Company, Enter the Imaginarium, & Immersive Theater

Episode 109 · April 11th, 2017 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

Scott Simmons and Katie "Dudders" sat down with Tami Dixon, Jeffrey Carpenter, and Rod Schwartz from Bricolage Production Company. Bricolage works to remove the fourth wall to differentiate themselves from traditional theater productions and become closer to their audience. 

Tami and Jeffrey discuss their theater experience and the birth of Bricolage in Pittsburgh. When they first started, Bricolage worked hard to build the trust with their core audience. One of their first super fans, Rod Schwartz, became hooked on immersive theater and the individualized experience that it gave each member of the audience. Soon after, Tami and Jeffrey welcomed Rod onto the Bricolage board.

The group discusses why audiences are afraid of the unknown in theater and movies.

Rod met Scott at Bricolage production, OjO: The Next Generation of Travel, and then experienced the ScareHouse. Rod felt a similar individualized experience when he left the ScareHouse. Later, Rod found escape rooms as another way to connect with his son. He had the idea to combine the powers of Bricolage and ScareHouse to create Enter the Imaginarium

What makes Enter the Imaginarium different, is their focus on making the experience truly immersive by transporting the audience the minute they walk in the door and the overarching story that connects the tracks. They discuss the importance of collaboration and learning from others. 

Bricolage's newest immersive theater production, IE: The Ascendants, opens April 21st and runs till May 14th. Their IE series is intimate, sensory driven, "bite-sized" immersive theater experiences. Tickets are available here.

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