Zombie Army, Naked and Scared, and Pushing Haunted House Boundaries

Episode 115 · May 29th, 2017 · 1 hr 43 mins

About this Episode

Scott Simmons and Kate "Dudders" Dudas join fellow haunters, hustlers, and provocateurs John Laflamboy (Zombie Army Productions) and Pat Konopelski (Shocktoberfest) for an extended conversation about modern haunted attractions.

  • John shares the birth and legacy of Chicago's Zombie Army and their much beloved Party Bus
  • The true story behind the world famous "Naked and Scared" challenge at Shocktoberfest
  • The controversy within our industry about "extreme haunted houses"
  • How a theater kid working at a fundraiser found a full time career as a professional haunter
  • The secrets of growing a brand that celebrates your culture and your people
  • The importance and thrills of producing original video content all year long
  • Pat looks back at more than 25 years with Shocktoberfest and how he still finds inspiration from his fellow haunters
  • The most important element of any successful haunted attraction
  • The challenges of meeting ever-changing expectations of modern haunt audiences
  • How the Zombie Army creates the "Appearance of Chaos"
  • The importance of sharing ideas and creating a community with fellow haunters
  • Why the haunted attraction industry has retained a remarkable safety record
  • The continued evolution and boundary pushing nature of haunted attractions
  • Why Haunted Attractions fulfill our primal needs for the Rite of Passage
  • John and Pat share remarkable stories about haunted house experiences involving fathers and their children

For more information about:

John LaFlamboy and Zombie Army Productions visit http://www.zombiearmyproductions.com/
 Statesville Haunted Prison visit http://www.statesvillehauntedprison.com/
 Hellsgate Haunted House visit http://www.hellsgate.com/
 Pat Konopelski and Shocktoberfest visit http://shocktoberfest.com/
 What Happens in ScareHouse Basement? https://youtu.be/6Sc7Yrtuxjo

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