Pittsburgh Movie Behind the Scenes Legend Steve Parys

Episode 130 · April 5th, 2018 · 1 hr 12 mins

About this Episode

Creative Director Scott Simmons and Katie "Dudders" chat with Assistant Director and Pittsburgh native Steve Parys. Steve has worked on television shows and movies filmed in Pittsburgh and around the world including Silence of the Lambs, Fear the Walking Dead, and Outsiders. Steve discusses his diverse background and experiences and even shares an incredible story from the set of Silence of the Lambs.

  • Scott talks about how he met Steve.

  • How Steve ended up doing almost everything on the set of Silence of the Lambs.

  • Moth fire in Buffalo Bill’s basement.

  • Steve discusses what it was like working with George Romero.

  • Scott’s experience on the set of the remake of Night of the Living Dead.

  • Explanation of PA’s film tax credit and how it helps the city.

  • Pittsburgh’s film industry shift in the 1990s.

  • Stories from some movies set in Pittsburgh.

  • Steve talks about his work on Fear the Walking Dead tv show.

  • Steve explains what an assistant director’s job on a movie or TV show.

  • Scott dishes about the chaos of a ScareHouse shoot and the importance of having a set schedule.

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