Molly and Travis from Row House Cinema

Episode 132 · October 16th, 2018 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode


  • Row House Cinema is an independent, single screen theater in Lawrenceville.
  • The basement houses Bierport, a bar with retro video games.
  • Row House Cinema began as the dream of Brian Mendelson, enjoying beer at the movies for a fun night out. The remodel took over four and a half years.
  • How they select movies and themes each week using the opinions of staff and public. There is no real formula.
  • Creating a balance between different types of movies they show.
  • Describing the joy of seeing some movies on the big screen.
  • The fun of watching a bad movie with friends in a theater.
  • Which movies they thought would sell well, but didn't (hint: a lot of 80's comedies).
  • Using special events and gimmicks to sell movies.
  • Process to get rights to show movies. Creating a wish list and having patience.
  • Witches Week October 12th-18th.
  • Row House of Horrors Week October 19th-31st.
  • Combing the genres of of horror and comedy.
  • How sound and a dark theater really ups the movie experience.
  • Analog look back: Mystery movie played on a VCR.
  • Travis' Jack Black story.

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