Boom Boom Bridgette

Special guest

Boom Boom Bridgette, the buxom beauty with the bangin booty!

Bridgette is a diverse burlesque entertainer, she is able to produce acts ranging from classic burlesque and striptease to new age burlesque and performance art. Her pieces always evoke emotion whether the audience is laughing, awe struck, hot under the collar, cheering or just generally amazed she never leaves them flat.

She has trained and attended workshops with burlesque powerhouses such as: Crystal Swarovski, Viva Valezz, Bella Sin, Macabre Noir, Matt Finish, Velvet Kensington, Go-Go Amy, Eliza Delight, Sailor St. Clair, Nina La Voix, Dirty Devlin, Paco Fish, Lady Grey and continues to further her education as much as she can.

She has traveled and performed in several cities over the year and competed in The Burlypicks International Burlesque competition taking home Master of Tassels 2014 and 2016 and Master of Lip Sync 2014. She enjoys sharing her craft and creating an outlet for performers to express themselves.

While she does not always use props She performs classic strip tease as well as neo burlesque, feather fan dances, wings of isis and veil fans. In addition she is a skill tassel twirler.

Her costumes are always handmade and beautiful, too much glitter is never a bad thing! Glitz is big part of burlesque and there is no lack of it when it comes to Boom Boom Bridgette. Bridgette's look changes and varies depending on the number she is doing or what the event calls for. She also has a wide variety of music she preforms to including jazz, classical, oldies, 80's, darkwave, goth, pop, industrial, world music, dance, top 40's, electronic and many other genres.

Burlesque has only seemed to enhance her already unhealthy obsession with glitter, rhinestones and all that is shiny.

In her so called "free time" Bridgette enjoys crafting, sewing, painting, sculpting and smashing things. She is also Founder of Pin Up Perfection Magazine, Pin Up Perfection Productions and the Pin Up Perfection Pageant.

Boom Boom Bridgette has been a guest on 1 episode.