Steve Parys

Special guest

Steve started his film career 29 years ago as a Set Production Assistant on Silence of the Lambs, and has remained in film production ever since.

Steve has 1st Assistant Directed over two dozen feature films & many TV series all across the US and abroad, including Fear The Walking Dead (TV), Gone (TV), Downward Dog (TV), Outsiders (TV), Concussion, Foxcatcher, Supah Ninjas! (TV), Harodim (shot in Vienna), Dandelion, Graduation, Strange Girls, On the Inside, & Riddle, The Bread My Sweet, Out of the Balck, & Mafia, among many, many others.

He has been directing more & more projects, including Mulligan (TV pilot), The Chief (a feature film, winner of a Tapestry Award), A Month of Sundays (2nd unit feature film), PSAs for the PA Film Tax Credit Program, short films, commercials, TV, and videos. His recent short films "Lightheaded" & "Breakage" have been in a huge number of film festivals in 2015 & 2016, winning audience awards. He co-directed MTV's first short form mini-series, I Remember Chloe, which grew to feature length with their blessings. Steve has directed countless narrative industrials (winning the Cine Golden Eagle Award) in many genres - instructional, comedy, drama, action, horror, etc. Steve is in production to direct a feature film in 2018.

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